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June 27th, 2019

As human beings we often get frustrated about not seeing quick responses, not knowing what comes next, or not understanding what God is doing. As a group we faced this throughout our time in Japan. However our time at Northstar Lodge made us realize the importance of doing work behind the scenes and having the willingness to work in the background and know the little things matter.

In 2010, Christian rapper Lecrae released a song, Background, talking about how he will “play the background” to what God is doing in his life. In a similar way, Northstar made us realize the importance of playing the background and planting the seeds for what God is going to do at this lodge and in the lives of those who visit. In our time at this lodge we were able to connect with the staff there, interact with their families, make a difference to the community, and help in a multitude of ways in preparation for their summer season and the lives they will change in this time.

Although we will not personally see the lives being changed, we played the background and know we were apart of it. We cleaned up a local park, trimmed trees, cleaned up hiking and mountain bike trails, set up their outdoor bouldering area, and much more. All of this will help allow Northstar to have a successful summer and transform lives in the process.

Our time in Japan, and as Christians, is meant to transform the lives of individuals, build relationships, and ultimately share and lead them to God. Sometimes we want quick responses or to see lives change. Although this does take place, Northstar allowed us to see the importance of playing the background and letting God take the lead.

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