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October 26th, 2022

The time has come to recognize some truly unsung heroes of YWAM Vancouver, Gary the Grey and Doris the Dodge, our Vans. They’ve primarily been background characters in the saga of YWAM Vancouver for the eight or so years we’ve had them. As I searched our archives for this blog, Gary and Doris never seemed to be in the forefront of any photos, and why should they be? We serve youth, not vans. However, in many photos from years past they can be seen in the background awaiting their next mission, as the servant-hearted vehicles that they are.

So why all the attention today for a couple of automobiles? Well friends, Gary and Doris have seen better days, and their time for retirement is drawing near.

In the past eight years, these wheeled warriors have served our schools and ministries, including 11 Discipleship Training Schools and 6 Schools of Biblical Studies. In that, they’ve transported over 130 Students, more than 50 staff, and countless other passengers. And that’s before we get to the 50+ Mission Adventure teams! How have they served? They picked up groceries, did airport runs, transported guest speakers, brought students to local and national outreaches, moved offices, and let’s not forget the 140+ trips both vans completed to Mt. Seymour for our Snowboarders and Skiers DTS.

They’ve traversed 4 Provinces and 7 States. Through many mountain ranges, they’ve seen literal highs and lows. They’ve been slept in when Air B&Bs fall through. They’ve doubled many times as picnic tables. They’ve taught Texans how to drive in snow. And provided us with a multitude of adventures and memories as we traveled across the continent for ministry!

As you can see, Gary and Doris have had countless adventures and been a part of many amazing memories while serving the ministries of YWAM Vancouver. But they’re also showing their age, not always reflecting the youthful zeal of those they transport. And in order to continue doing what we are called to in Vancouver, Canada and North America, we need to replace them.

So as we bid adieu to Gary and Doris, would you consider helping us get new vans to serve YWAM Vancouver? We're praying for a 10 passenger van and a 7-8 passenger van. We estimate it will cost $70,000 to purchase these vans.

If you would like to give towards these vans so we can keep trekking to outreach in Northern BC, discipling young snowboarders on the mountains, and serving where God calls us, please do so through our CanadaHelps page at the following link. Please ensure you mention the “YWAM Vancouver Vans” in the "Message" field. If you would like to donate in an alternative way, or if you have any other questions, please contact

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